Resident Lied About Armed Robbery: Blotter

Editor’s note: the following incidents were taken from the Sandy Springs Police Department’s Weekly Wrap Up compiled by Capt. Steve Rose, which contains some of the incidents that occurred Feb. 26 through March 2:

Robbery (SEE UPDATE)

5550 Glenridge Drive, 30342, 2/26: The male victim said he and his girlfriend were in their apartment. He was asleep on the couch while she was in the bedroom. Someone knocked on the door. He checked through the peephole and found no one. Someone knocked a second time so he checked the peephole again. On the third knock, he opened the door and walked outside where he was confronted by a man with a gun. The man demanded money. The victim returned to the apartment, retrieved $500 cash and gave it to the man. The suspect fled after pushing the victim down the stairs. The suspect was dressed in all black and wore a mask. UPDATE: Capt. Steve Rose says the resident has recanted his story after revealing he was short on his rent payment.


7200 Roswell Road (Marbin Electric), 30328, 2/28: Employees left a job site just before 4 p.m. Overnight, someone cut the lock off the main gate area from Roswell Road, entered an unsecured building and the electrical room. There, they stole several spools of electrical wiring.


6400 block of Roswell Road, 30328, 2/26: The complainant said he left a package store and accidentally dropped his wallet as he entered his car. He returned to the Roswell Package Store and viewed the video that clearly showed a black male, about six feet tall, slim, short hair, dark clothing, retrieve the wallet. The employee told the man a suspect, who fit that description, has been banned from the store for stealing. No connection was made at the time of report.200 block of Harbor Pointe Pkwy, 30350, 2/27: 2000 Jeep Cherokee was reported stolen overnight. Later, the victim was contacted by the Georgia State Patrol, which said his Jeep was involved in an accident in LaGrange and a man was seen running from the scene. 4600 block of Cherrywood Lane, 30342, 2/27: The complainant said someone took a Stihl power blower from his truck. The theft occurred sometime between 11:30 and 11:45 a.m. 800 block of Summer Drive, 30350, 2/28: Short version — A man reported he and his girlfriend broke up and she packed her stuff and left — along with some of his stuff, including his Apple Watch and ear buds.

Thefts From Vehicles

100 block of Stone Mill Trail, 30328, 2/26 200 block of Summer Drive, 30350, 2/26400 block of Morgan Falls Road, 30350, 2/275580 Roswell Road (Lifetime Fitness) (x2), 30342, 2/275300 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road, 30342, 3/17500 Roswell Road, 30328, 3/2


Interstate North Pkwy, 30328, 2/26: The caller said someone used her personal identity and at one point, was issued a citation for a headlight violation.900 block of Pitts Road, 30350, 2/26: The caller said when he contacted Georgia Power to establish an account, he was told one had already been opened and had a balance of just under $300.City Walk Kroger, 30328, 2/26: Loss prevention employees contacted SSPD over their discovery that an employee of the store used a customer’s identity. The employee works in the accounting department, sorting money and checks. The complainant said Kroger has received several complaints of fraud after they shopped at the store. The loss prevention staff questioned the suspect who admitted taking photos of the checks as he sorted them and then sold the information to a person known as D.J., who has since been identified by the suspect. The suspect was booked for fraud and the investigation moves towards the suspect. 800 block of River Run, 30350, 2/26: The caller said he operates a moving company and last year, began using another company who provides leads on folks intending to move. Payment was ongoing through a credit card provided by the caller. After a while, he decided the cost wasn’t worth what he was getting so he cancelled the service and payments. The company however continued to charge the card totaling $2,500. He disputes the transactions and obtained the police report to document it.5000 block of Roswell Road, 30342, 2/26: The caller/victim reported he paid $10,000 for a jewelry piece that he later found was stolen in Tennessee. He returned the piece to the owner and therefore was out $10,000. He told the officer the suspect who sold him the piece is in jail in Tennessee, awaiting trial on the theft of that jewelry piece. 500 block of Montrose Lane, 30342, 2/28: The victim reported someone wrote a fraudulent check on his account totaling $246.100 block of Lansdowne Drive, 30328, 2/28: The caller said he began receiving mail to his home, addressed to a taxi business. He received several pieces of mail from SunTrust Bank, which made him suspicious. He later received an email requesting he log in to his SunTrust account. He printed the e-mail and was later told the email was fake. The report doesn’t say if or not the victim lost money.


7840 Roswell Road, 30350, 2/26: The incident occurred in one of the participant’s cubicle. That’s the exciting part. Two guys got into a heated argument and one put his hand on the other’s arm. That’s about it. 1600 block of Greyfield Lane, 30350, 2/27: A man reported that his apartment upstairs neighbor charged at him with a knife. He said the upstairs neighbor was making loud noises, scaring his toddler, so he contacted the neighbor in the old-school tradition by banging on the ceiling. The response was almost predictable. The upstairs person made even more noise. The caller exited his apartment and went upstairs where, according to him, met his neighbor, who exited his apartment, armed with a knife and who said he was going to kill him. The neighbor said it was in fact the caller who yelled at him, challenging him to a parking lot fight. Unfortunately, for the caller, the independent witnesses all concluded that the caller was the instigator. The officer mediated a short and impromptu summit resulting in apologies and handshakes all around.

Other Things

1155 Mt. Vernon Hwy, 30328, 2/27: A crime-suppression detective noticed two men soliciting money near Office Depot and FiveBelow. He checked the two men who had in their possession, fake AAU Basketball flyers and solicitation forms used to fraudulent receive money from pedestrians. One suspect told the cops "it’s just a hustle." They said they came to Sandy Springs on MARTA to dupe the folks out of money. One of the suspects was on probation in Clayton County for theft by receiving (stolen car) and the other had an outstanding warrant from Blount County, Tennessee, for prescription fraud. Unfortunately, Tennessee authorities would not extradite outside the state. Both men were charged with soliciting and taken to jail.


2/27, 5925 Roswell Road: drug investigation arrest 3/1, 8879 Roswell Road: person armed with a Nerf gun (see below)3/1, 1000 Johnson Ferry Road (Northside Hospital): disorderly conduct2/26, 7000 block of Roswell Road: no insurance2/26, 4600 block of Stella Drive: disorderly conduct2/26, 227 Sandy Springs Place: fraud (see above under fraud section) 2/26, Cimarron Pkwy: child abandonment2/27, 6000 block of Roswell Road: disorderly conduct2/27, 500 block of Sarabrook Pl: battery (DV)2/27, Ga. 400 ramp at Abernathy Road: panhandling 2/27, GA-400 and Spalding: DUI2/27, 1155 Mt. Vernon Highway: panhandling x22/28, 980 Hammond Drive: passing school bus3/1, 7785 Roswell Road: possession of firearm by convicted felon3/2, Kingsport Drive at Northwood: prowling3/2: Transfer from Cobb Jail: financial transaction card fraud

More Arrests

Cops were called to Stars and Strikes on a person causing a problem. A man came inside with his own alcoholic beverage and was told to leave. He eventually did so but returned and made threatening remarks to the caller. Police were called and were told the man was walking south. They found him and a Nerf gun in his backpack, wrapped in electrical tape that was most likely used as a "show" to support the threat. Based on all that and the fact he was given a previous criminal-trespass warning, he was arrested. On March 1, around 2 a.m., an officer made a traffic stop in the 7700 block of RoswellRoad. The driver of the car did not stop but continued on to St. James Apartments where he drove to the gate and attempted to get the gate open via gate pad. All this with the police car behind him, blue lights and all. The driver of the car then bolted and ran with the officer in foot pursuit. The suspect jumped through the gated bars, but his feet got caught, sending him to the ground, causing a pavement-punch to the head. He was secured and later medically treated at North Fulton Hospital before being sent to jail. During the scuffle, a Springfield 9-mm pistol was retrieved by the officer from under the suspect as he lay on the pavement. The suspect was later charged with speeding, driving with a suspended license, marijuana possession (less than an ounce) obstruction and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Image via Sandy Springs Police Department

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